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Random Web Tools

Spam Block List Checker
This spam block list checker queries a number of spam list servers, and determine whether an IP address that you specify is listed in a spammer list.

Keyword Density Checker
Check the density of different keywords at the site of your choice.

Bandwidth Speed Test
Find out how fast your Internet connection is!

Web Page Analyzer
This Web Page Analyzer will read the page you specify, and put it through a few basic tests to see if qualifies as 'search-engine-friendly' for the phrase you specify.

What is my IP?
Displays your current IP address.
Site Spider View
Find various SEO statistics and spider information about your site.

Ping Test
Ping a domain or IP address to find the response time.

Domain WHOIS Lookup
Find out the domain whois information.

.htaccess Ban Generator
Create .htaccess files that allow you to ban certain IP addresses from accessing your pages and directories.

Website Speed Test
Shows how fast a specific webpage loads.

New Templates

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New Grunge
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